Lucy Arnold, Director
B. Des. (VisCom)

Holly Ross, Designer
B. Des. (VisCom)




A co-founder of Board of Design in 2003, Lucy took over as sole director in 2012. She's clocked up more than ten years of experience designing for businesses ranging from small and boutique to New Zealand-based internationals, and combines her love of design with a passion for craft in her second business, Felt.

Holly is a recent graduate of Christchurch Polytechnic's School of Art and Design, and started as a full time designer at Board of Design at the beginning of 2014. She brings with her a talent for handlettering, a passion for street art and a love of neon, not to mention a superb eye for detail.


sans serif [sanz ser-if] noun a typeface without serifs. Also called gothic. sans-ser'if adj.


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